The Most Valuable Lessons I Learnt From My Life

My Shovel follows the experiences of Karen Sue, a retired substance abuse counselor. She worked for mental health facilities and assisted male prisoners with  mental health and substance abuse issues during incarceration. This all makes sense once you realize the Karen Sue had been neck deep in substance abuse herself.

The fighting spirit

As you read My Shovel, you quickly pick up on the consequences of leaving someone to their own devices after they have been through a traumatic incident. Karen Sue had been raped twice when she was 22 by different men.The first time she was on a date with and the other man she had gone to high school with. These two incidents eventually led to her hitting rock bottom after drinking for 24 years. For a lot of women, speaking out about their rape is not an option because they are often persecuted and blamed for it. Not only is it one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through, but it is also made inaccessible for a lot of women to so much as talk about it.

Had I remembered what my mother taught me perhaps I wouldn’t have turned to alcohol. I have often wished that I had reported this rape but I let the altitudes of society dictate my actions.  What I did however was survive using the only means I felt were available to me. I had to keep this rape secret to protect myself.  Instead of sharing my humiliation and embarrassment I carried it inside for a longer period than I ever imagined.

Why is it a must read?

This is why Karen Sue’s My Shovel is such an important book. It shows the impact one incident can have on an innocent life and how dire the consequences become. Karen Sue even had to serve jail time which she talks about halfway into the book. The most astounding part about the novel is how she picked herself back up and went on to help others with a situation that was so close to.

In a nutshell

My Shovel is an inspiring tale that tells people no one deserves to suffer, but in the situation where one does end up suffering, it is possible, no matter how late, to get back up on your feet. Despite all the bad in the world, it is innate in humans to fight back and do well. Pick up My Shovel today to read about the life experiences and lessons that she learnt that will inspire you.

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