Use of power

Have you ever noticed when people are in a position of power, they appear to believe all they should need to do is deny it, claim to have proof and that should be the end of the accusation? This seems to be true especially of people accused of sexual assault. The victim says he did it the accused in question immediately denies responsibility and can provide an alibi. This alibi seems to be a flexible one that fits every occasion.

The example I’m thinking about would be a Record mogul, accused of sexual assault from years ago and yet he denies it, stating he has proof and an alibi. If this is true why doesn’t he produce this evidence and put the whole thing to rest? My thought would be he can’t produce the proof he claims to have and wants to use his power and influence to hush things up.

I hope that I don’t need to reiterate that sexual assault is sexual assault and I don’t care how long ago it was. A woman says no the other person needs to back off.
Sexual assault is a trauma that in my experience does not fade with time. The humiliation, embarrassment, and degradation people experience after a sexual assault will continue to haunt them for a long time. Not to mention the deterioration of their level of trust, the beginning of self -doubt, and the belief the victim did something wrong.



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