About Karen Sue

My name is Karen Sue, and I was born on June 26,1952: in Lincoln: Nebraska. When I was born, I was mated as a premature baby because of my low birth weight; although 1 wasn’t pat in an incubator. The umbilical cord had a knot in is which prevented me from getting all the nourishment I needed before birth. I weighed in at five pounds and three ounces.

When I was six months old, my mother had been reading an article stating that one method of determining is baby’s hip socket was displaced was to count the wrinkles on the baby’s hip; out of curiosity she deeded to count the wrinkles on my hip, which resulted in me having to wear a brace so my hip would develop correctly. I wore this brace until I was two years old.

By the time I was six months old, my mother; Winnie, divorced my biological father, and she: my older brother and sister, Donald and Sheryl, and I moved to Glenwood, Itma, where my maternal grandparents, Frederic and Violet; lived. Mom had made two requests of my grandparents when she asked them to find her a house; it needed to be affordable and have indoor plumbing. After Mom let them know we were moving to Glenwood; my grandparents bought a house on Elm Street, which was a block from where they lived. The price was right, but unfortunately for Mom, there was no indoor plumbing, which meant no indoor bathroom. On the positive side: it did have electricity and a well along with a pump that could be pumped by hand and always seemed to taste so much better than our friends tap water. Donald and Sheryl were older than me, so they got the honor of working the pump for use and my friends.

Being a single mother was never easy; and being a divorced woman with three children during the 195os was almost heresy. Divorce wasn’t common at that time; and to obtain one meant having to go to court in front of a judge and call witnesses to help explain why a marriage should end. The judge granted the divorce and awarded Mom custody of us; alimony, and child support; Mom never heard from my biological father again.

To support the four of us, Mom got a job working behind a soda fountain at a local drugstore. Grandma Violet babysat us while Mom was working: which saved on babysitting costs. Mom began teaching Sunday school, so we all went Donald and Sheryl went to their classes, and I at in my stoner watching Mom. This was the extent of Mom’s social life until I was a year and a hag and then everything started falling into place for our family.