In these turbulent times, where many of us are facing personal crises along with the added stress of the Corvid-19 virus I have not been writing on this blog or any other space I pray that each and everyone is safe, adhering to the new guidelines with regards to socially distancing, and washing their hands. … Continue reading Uncertainty

New Title

The title of this blog is mylifemyshovel.com I also added a picture of my book to the design. This is a work in process and I hope to make this site more appealing and a site that people will want to read. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.

Know about Behind the Sexual assault ‘Unbelievable’ written by Karen Sue

Sexual assault isn't confined to one ethnic group, culture or country this is a worldwide catastrophe which has been rampant for years. It harms everyone from children to senior citizens. Yet those who perpetrate sexual assault continue for the most part to be free, allowing them to continue their activities albeit perhaps more discretion is … Continue reading Know about Behind the Sexual assault ‘Unbelievable’ written by Karen Sue